12DH Artists

The 12 Decades Hotel offers an artist exchange program. Artists are invited to stay at the Hotel for a period in exchange for an artwork. The art works donated are displayed at The 12 Decades Hotel as part of the permanent Main Street Life collection.
For more information, or to submit proposals, please email

Resident artists thus far have included:
Cape Town: James Webb
Austria: Walter Stach
Austria: Georg Bernsteiner
Spain: Raul El Nino las Pinturas
Steve Bandoma
Ireland: Adrian Duncan
Spain: Marta Fernandez Calvo
Mozambique: Gemuce Hilario
Netherlands: Lard Buurman
Germany: Candice Breitz
Switzerland: Laurence Bonvin
Switzerland: Kerim Seiler (Work pictured above)
Cape Town: Ricky Lee Gordon
France: Francois Sarhan

12 DH Artist 1

12 DH Artist 2

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